Direct your Expectation with Passion!

faith-can-move 4

“Then He said, Let Me go, for day is breaking. But [Jacob] said, I will not let You go unless You declare a blessing upon me.” (Genesis 32:26)

When you have passion for a particular thing it really shows, doesn’t it? I mean, people just know what you are about! When you see a new dating couples, you can just tell…..It’s in their talk…their smile….their gaze…their walk. You can smell romance all over them. They have a passion for each other!

Jacob was a man of Passion! he was a man who knew not to give up, he always had a way around every situation, no matter how difficult and impossible it looked, he knew a God of no limitation who specializes in doing the impossible. If he wanted something, he was willing to persevere until breakthrough. And God loves that!

What are you expecting from the Lord today? Let’s get our expectation focused in the right direction – on the Lord. Expect the best. Expect your children to succeed. Expect yourself to succeed. Expect the Lord to prosper you that you become debt free (it s not impossible for God!). Expect the Lord to heal and bless you like He blessed Jacob in this Bible story, God is not a respecter of persons, if He did it then for Jacob, He will do it for you too – Line up your expectation with God’s word, and watch what God will do in your life!

I’m praying for you. You are Blessed in Jesus Name!


5 thoughts on “Direct your Expectation with Passion!

  1. Akinbiyi,

    Thanks for the encouragement. I’m really enjoying this group. You are right — every day we are blessed to hit the ground running we need to expect great things for every aspect of our lives. Thanks for the reminder. Keep on encouraging! God bless you.

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