God is Near


God is our Refuge and Strength [mighty and impenetrable to temptation], a very present and well-proved help in trouble.” (Psalm 46:1)

Please join me in prayer for these requests:

For the Nation of Philippines, Lord, we lift every one that has been affected through this tragedy, we commit them into your hand, comfort those who are mourning, and help them to rebuild their lives again. Lord, thank You for the helping hands that have come from many around the world, we pray for the Government, grant them your wisdom, favor and strength to rebuild. We pray that you heal and restore the Philippines, for your glory. (Isaiah 53:4-5)

For our Governments and those in leadership we pray for wisdom to rule wisely , that your peace and authority will prevail in every situation. We remember the sensitive situation in the mid-east with Israel at the centre of the conflict, we pray for the protection of your people – Israel and for your peace to reign in that region (Isaiah 47:10)

For those who are weary and about to give up, Lord, we lift up the Body of Christ, particularly those in difficult situations and about to give up on your promises because they have become weary, we ask for strength, and your wisdom for them. Help them to keep moving forward until the victory is won (Isaiah 12:2)

For the vulnerable children all over the world, Lord we ask that you rescue and shelter them under your wings. Send your Angels to minister to them, surrounding them with the right people that will help and foster them with your love. We pray for the Christmas Project – “Operation Smile of a Child” as they plan to bless children all over the world with Christmas gift, we pray for the provision, help in the planning process, and for the protecting of everyone involved one way or another. Prepare and open the hearts of these young ones, to know your love and receive the gift of your salvation as well. (Psalm 18:16-17)

For those that have suffered injustice because they are poor and for other reasons, Lord you are the defender of the poor and oppressed, we ask that you will deliver them from the oppressor and lift them up for your glory.(Psalm 12:5)

For those that are sick physically and emotionally, for troubled marriages and family. Lord we ask that you will heal their physical bodies and their minds, we speak life over them now. We plead the Blood of Jesus over marriages we ask for healing and restoration of these families, Lord bind up there wounds and cause them to rejoice in your deliverance. We send your word to them by your stripes they were healed (Isaiah 53)

For those who are seeking employment or in need of financial provision, Lord we pray for favor, wisdom and that you will provide for every need (Psalm34:6)

Lord, we pray that as your Word goes forth you will work ,miracle, signs and wonders in the lives of people as they come in agreement with your Word by faith. We pray and ask all these in the Name of Jesus. (Amen).

Thank you, Love  from Shade ~ God bless you!:)


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