The Wrong Side of History ~ “A Historic Mistake”

Please let us pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (Isaiah 62). Thank you. And the LORD bless you.

Heavenly Raindrops

Deal reached on Iranian nuclear program


We did it.  The unthinkable.  Our nation joined other world powers in committing a “historic mistake,” as labeled by Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.  Along with the others, the United States bought into Iran’s sales pitch that they will stop enriching uranium with the goal of building nuclear bombs.

Is a nation that routinely chants, ‘Death to America’ and calls for the annihilation of Israel a trustworthy partner for peace, though?  By participating in the deal, what we really did was position ourselves as a nation.  With those on the wrong side of history.

Anyone who follows end-time prophecies knows that these events fit precisely with Ezekiel.  Even though the timing remains a mystery, known only to God, the fulfillment is sure.

Surely it is coming, and it shall be done,” says the Lord GOD.  “This is the day of which I have spoken.”

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