Moving House

I will praise and give thanks to You, O Lord, among the peoples; and I will sing praises unto You among the nations. (Psalm 108:3)

Writing this post comes with a mixture of feelings. Half of me is excited about new prospects and the other half feels a little bit down because of saying goodbye. In this past week I have had to take some time off blogging to seek out a suitable hosting platform for my blog.

This has been a little bit challenging for me. Most especially, dealing with the technical part of things. Having to research and read up about different hosting platforms, the technical requirements of private hosting, benefits, demerits and deciding the best way forward. Anyway, to cut the long story short, I finally made a decision and settled the deal yesterday, and this why I’m saying goodbye today to all my much treasured friends and readers on this side of WordPress.

Starting on this platform has been a great blessing. Even with all it’s challenges I have enjoyed my short tenure here on WordPress and I appreciate having had the opportunity to meet new comrades in the Kingdom vineyard and beautiful everyday people that have crossed my path on this platform. But, in other for me to accommodate the opportunities for further growth, I have to think of moving unto the right platform for me so that I can begin to plan and walk towards my objectives. Even though I will miss many of my WordPress family I am at the same time looking forward to this new challenge and to starting a new phase of the ministry God has entrusted to me.

I feel so honored and blessed to have worked with you all. Thank you so much for the lovely support, encouragement and most especially your prayers for me, you have all been a tremendous blessing in my life. May the Lord remember you with favor and shower His blessings on you!

Please feel free to keep in touch with me on my new blog at once it is up and running and also you can catch up with my post on bloglovin and I also look forward to catching up with yours. 🙂

God bless you!!! 🙂

Much love,




27 thoughts on “Moving House

    • So sorry did’nt see this comment in the timely order. So true the cyber world is one same neck of the wood 🙂 Thank you so much my brother for your kind comment and every support. Your posts have inspired me many times, and i look forward to reading your post via email. Much love and blessings to you and my extended family on your side 🙂

    • Thank you so much Skye. Really appreciate your prayer and support. You are always a blessing to me. And rest assure that i will be tagging along as well my dear friend. Love you too!!!! Remain blessed as always 🙂

    • Thanks so much my sister! So grateful for your every support, and I’m glad that i can still keep in touch with your post through the email. May the Lord continue to prosper you in every way!! 🙂

    • I’m so sorry i missed this comment, just stumbled on it now. But, thanks you so much for your kindness and prayer, I’m very grateful. And may the Lord continue to multiply His grace and favor on your life and ministry. Just to let you know, I intend to keep in touch and continue to receive spiritual nourishment from your posts. God bless my sister 🙂

  1. Shade, you will be highly missed. I really understand you. I pray that He should continue to increase His anointing, wisdom, protection, grace, favor, joy and happiness in your life. It is good to be focus, so carry on because you are not alone. The Lord is your strength and power. May His blessing never depart from you in the name of Jesus Christ. Stay bless my sister.

    • To God be the glory. Thank you for your kind comment. The great thing is that we are all co-labourers in the vineyard of Christ. Really appreciate your support. May the Lord continue to enrich your in every way. Have a lovely weekend! Blessings!

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